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We recommend you use our text as a basis for your own letter.

Make sure you keep {{recipient}}, {{gift}} and {{message}} in your letter text as these are special variables that will filled in automatically from the data grid below when the letters are generated.

The {{message}} variable allows you to thank each person in an individual way by writing a custom phrase relating to that person in the data grid.

Add in your letter data...

We'll make one letter for each person in the grid below. You can put in as many people as you want. The easiest way is to prepare a block of data in a spreadsheet with three columns. Select, copy, click 'paste spreadsheet data' and do as it says.
You can also click on any one row and edit or delete it, or manually add more rows.

Add a photo (optional)...

Why not add a photo so everyone who wasn't there can see you all? Take a picture of the family, or maybe just you and all your cool new toys.

You can upload images in JPG, GIF or PNG format, up to 1Mb in size. If you just got a cool new digital camera, please be nice to our server by cutting your image down to less than 1000 pixels (width and height) first.

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